The Group Companies provide the various other types of services as noted below :

Sales & Marketing

We provide a dedicated team of Sales and Marketing staff for each of our Principal carriers. Depending on the status of the airlines (whether On-line or Off-line), such staff are provided at each of the stations or at each location in India. Our staff is experienced and qualified and is familiar with IATA procedures and fares and ticketing.

Passenger and Cargo Handling

We provide Terminal/Commercial/Ramp supervision staff to our Principal carriers, which are On-line in India. This staff supervises the activities of the GHA and execute Pre and Post flights duty, in respect of aircraft movement handling and passenger traffic. In so far as cargo activity is concerned, our staff will supervise Palletisation and making and breaking of ULDs. This ensures optimum loading per pallet & per container. Our staff also supervise loading and unloading at aircraft to ensure optimum amount of planned cargo. Import cargo is escorted to warehouses and all assistance to the same is provided to dispatch/clear the cargo. We also co-ordinate with authorities/agents at the airport, such as Flight Control Tower, AAI, Traffic Services, Ground Handling Agents, Fuel Companies and Catering Companies. We also handle aircraft crew by escorting and assisting them immigration through and customs at the airport. We also co-ordinate with travellers and negotiate desirable rates with hotels for crew accommodation.

Revenue Accounting

Our Company provides an entire accounting package which includes collection of funds generated out of Passenger and Cargo sales, consolidation and transfer to Principal Carrier's bank account. We also provide Revenue Accounting Services like Passenger and Cargo Sales Reports, Load and Revenue Reports and Other Accounting data as per Principal's requirement. We provide complete BSP management for our Principal Carriers.

Supervision at Airports

Our company provides Handling Supervision at airport for both passenger and Cargo activities. The activities of Ground Handling Agent is effectively supervised to ensure timely turn around of the Aircraft and to ensure superior Passenger services. These services are carried out at the Passenger terminal, both the Landside as well as Airside, to the Principal carrier's satisfaction. Cargo supervision is carried out at the cargo complex and warehousing facilities and also at the Aircraft to ensure loading and unloading procedures.

Interline Negotiations

We initiate negotiations with interline partners based in India on behalf of all Principal carriers to establish Special Prorate Agreements (SPA) for Passenger and Cargo carriage. These negotiations on behalf of all Principal carriers would be held in strict confidence and with the aim of getting as much benefit as possible to Principal carriers.

Arranging In-bound and Out-bound Tours

Our In-house travel company, JTB Travels Pvt. Ltd. (IATA) was originally established to handle inbound and outbound tours. Since its inception, JTB now is a full fledged IATA travel agency and are handling Corporate travel, Holiday and Leisure travel, Incentive Groups and Individual Traffic.


Publicity as desired by the Principal carrier, is copied out through our Advertising agency. This agency is well established in India and has a good reputation in the industry. All publicity will be in keeping with the Principal carriers' worldwide corporate identity and product identity.

Foreign Exchange

We are authorized foreign exchange dealers and possess a Full-Fledged Money Changers (FFMC) license. Under this license, we are able to buy and sell foreign exchange to businessmen and Leisure travellers.

Software Solutions

We use state-of-the-art technologies in Custom Applications Development to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantage for you.

Ground Handling

GAGSPL is member of IATA Ground Handling Council and as such is qualified and recognized to carry out all the functions as Airport services provider.

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