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The Global Group of Companies, a pan India conglomerate in its 48th year, is the first General Sales Agent in India, with the core business of airline representation for passenger & cargo and other allied businesses.

Besides servicing the travel trade industry all through these years, the Founder Chairman, Mr H K Vithalani & the Group have been involved in philanthropic activities since four decades. Focus has been education, healthcare, environment, inclusion with special focus on women & girls.

They have done several projects with Shivanand Mission at Virnagar. First was to construct a girls school BHAKTI SADAN in 1991 for young girls from neighbouring villages. Second was to construct and set up a hostel for boarding & lodging hostel for girls in 1996 – called Dayaben Karsandas Vithalani and also donated to set up a complete Eye Ward under the name of Karsandas Raghavjee Vithalani at the 400 bed hospital on campus of the Shivanand Mission. Free medical check ups and cataract surgeries take place here for residents of 100 neighbouring villages by highly qualified doctors.

Chaiman & Group Companies are also affiliated with many works of social service and charity. Notable among them are some of the charities & organisations the Group is associated with on regular basis:

Ghoghari Lohana Mahajan Charitable Trust who participate in educational activity of young minds totally free of cost. These funds were used for deserving students from impoverished backgrounds.

Work of Ghelani Charitable Trust for corpus towards education, healthcare and setting up medical facilities has been supported.

Motiba Memorial Seva Samaj Trust work has been supported by funding their in health care and educational activities and Angan wadies activities in villages. Angan Wadies are the community women leaders who empower other women in the villages.

Global Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. also contributed to:

Project Mumbai whose vision is to make Mumbai and the extended Mumbai Metropolitan region as a better place and work towards welfare of the society.

The Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City Foundation and Making Difference Foundation again undertake social welfare of the society. This contribution focused on food distribution in the pandemic.

Dalai Lama Trust who provides scholarships and undertakes many social activities. The Chairman Mr Vithalani & Directors Mrs Vithalani & Jalpa were granted personal audience by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and invited to His palace for a conference by United States Institute of Peace in an intimate gathering of 50 people from different countries.

The company has sponsored three Tibetan medical camps for healthcare & wellness of Men Tsee Khang Hospital, set up by His Holiness in 1916 the 13th Dalai Lama & is actively involved and committed to spreading message of Tibetan medicine. People from the length and breath of the country attend these camps due to the immense benefits of Tibetan medicine, which is propagated by His Holiness himself. His Holiness’s personal physician headed the first camp the Global Group sponsored in Mumbai.

Donations are sent regularly to Bhartiya Stree Seva Sangh who provides medical aid, Anaj Rahat yojana (food supplies to poor families every month) and education and vocational training to women through Parichay club sanstha.

The Chairman founded a Rose cultivation farm from ground up in 1998 which was a pioneer to bring green house technology to India. The focus was to provide quality employment to rural youth particularly women. Women are good at the delicate handling of flowers and for two decades 100 plus women from neighbouring villages worked at the farm. There was a labour welfare centre set up with many social cultural activities.

Organic farming & Biodynamic farming with special focus on the environment took place.

Artists & Artisans who never had a platform have found a place in a subsidiary Cosmic Heart Gallery, whose focus is the exchange of art & culture to promote a world without borders.

Jalpa H Vithalani has taken the project WASH (Women Sanitation & Hygiene) from ground up in Maharashtra and it has reached 3.5 million women in India. She looks after Maharashtra for the NGO – Humans for Humanity. Cloth Pad making workshops are taken so women could produce and earn a livelihood. Focus is to promote eco friendly sustainable menstruation around the SDGs of the UN. Medical advice by Doctors, nutrition, breaking the Tabboos and regularising conversations around periods has also been the focus along with free distribution of menstrual products. These activities have taken place in rural and urban slums.

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