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Delve into the world of comprehensive aviation solutions with our array of specialized services. From dynamic sales and marketing strategies to seamless passenger and cargo handling, we ensure efficient revenue accounting, expert airport supervision, and skillful interline negotiations. We excel in curating unforgettable inbound and outbound tours, managing impactful publicity campaigns, facilitating foreign exchange, and providing reliable leasing and financing options. Our cutting-edge software solutions and proficient ground-handling services are tailored to elevate your aviation experience to new heights of efficiency and excellence.

The Global Group offers a diverse range of services:

Sales and marketing

Our committed team of Sales and Marketing professionals is meticulously trained to meet the specific requirements of each of our esteemed partner carriers. Tailored to the online or offline status of the airlines, our skilled personnel are strategically stationed at various locations across India. With extensive experience and expertise, our team is well-versed in IATA procedures, fares, and ticketing protocols, ensuring seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Passenger and Cargo Handling
For our esteemed partner carriers operating in India, we offer a dedicated team of Terminal, Commercial, and Ramp supervision staff. This team oversees the activities of Ground Handling Agents (GHA) and handles pre and post-flight duties, ensuring smooth aircraft movement and efficient passenger traffic management. In terms of cargo handling, our team supervises palletization and the assembly and disassembly of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) to achieve optimal loading per pallet and container. Our staff manages the loading and unloading process, ensuring the efficient handling of planned cargo. We provide comprehensive support for the timely dispatch and clearance of import cargo, including escorting it to warehouses. Our role extends to seamless coordination with various airport authorities and agents, including Flight Control Tower, Airports Authority of India (AAI), Traffic Services, Ground Handling Agents, Fuel Companies, and Catering Companies. Furthermore, we facilitate an end-to-end experience for aircraft crew members, assisting with immigration, and customs procedures, and negotiating favorable rates for crew accommodation with hotels.

Revenue Accounting
Global delivers a comprehensive accounting suite encompassing the aggregation of proceeds derived from passenger and cargo transactions, followed by the consolidation and transfer of these funds to our esteemed partner carriers’ designated bank accounts. Additionally, our services include the provision of detailed Revenue Accounting reports such as Passenger and Cargo Sales Reports, Load and Revenue Reports, and other critical accounting data tailored to the specific needs of our partners. We also specialize in providing holistic BSP management services for our partner carriers, ensuring a streamlined and efficient revenue management process.

Supervision at Airports
The company offers comprehensive Airport Handling Supervision for both passenger and cargo operations. We meticulously oversee the activities of Ground Handling Agents, ensuring timely aircraft turnarounds and delivering excellence in passenger services. Our dedicated team operates across the entire spectrum of the Passenger terminal, both Landside and Airside, consistently meeting and exceeding the requirements of our esteemed partner carriers. With a keen focus on cargo operations, our supervision extends to the cargo complex, warehousing facilities, and the Aircraft, guaranteeing smooth and efficient loading and unloading procedures.

Interline Negotiations
Engaging in interline negotiations, we proactively represent all Principal carriers within India, aiming to establish exclusive Special Prorate Agreements (SPA) for both passenger and cargo transportation. Conducted with utmost confidentiality, our negotiations prioritize securing the most advantageous terms and benefits for our esteemed Principal carriers.

Ground Handling
As a proud member of the esteemed IATA Ground Handling Council, Global Aviation possesses the necessary qualifications and recognition to expertly conduct a comprehensive range of functions as a proficient airport services provider.